Info session and fees

Info Session
Would you like to find out more about homoeopathy and the ways in which it might help you personally?I offer an info session, where you can ask anything you’ve always wanted to know about homoeopathy and find out whether homoeopathy will be the suitable complementary medical therapy for your complaints. Also, an info session gives you the opportunity to get to know me without any obligation on your part.I charge 20 € for this session. This sum will be deducted from the fee for a first consultation if you decide to start homoeopathic treatment within the next 8 weeks.If you’re interested in a personal info session, call me on 030 817 97 410 to make an appointment or just write me an email.
first consultation:   150 – 170 € (2 – 3 hours)

follow up:                    50 – 65 € (appr. 1 hour)