Courses on a regular basis for professional body workers / therapists and workshops for interested people without experience but a lot of openness and curiosity.

CRANIO COURSES 1 - 3 (basics) and 4-5

Courses for body workers/therapists

This set of courses is designed for people with at least some basic knowledge in anatomy and experiences in bodywork. Selected techniques for craniosacral relaxation are a great addition to your massages or other kind of body oriented therapies, it might just be what you have always been missing. We will put a special focus on developing the sensibility of your hands, which I like to compare to learning an entirely new language. The complete course provides you with a fascinating new tool and approach to bodywork.

You can attend the courses at your own pace, as I offer the sequence at regular intervals. Some people also like to repeat for example Cranio 2, so you are completely free to build your own modular system (well, essentially Cranio is about free flowing, so....) The courses take place in small groups (6-9 people), which allow for pleasant learning in a safe atmosphere. There is plenty of room for follow-up questions and personal guidance and tips from my rich practical experience.



  • getting to know the craniosacral system
  • the 3 main rhythms in our body (puls, breathing, craniosacral rhythm)
  • developing and practising a refined sensibility in your hands
  • learn to detect and feel the craniosacral rhythms
  • : various craniosacral techniques for the spine and the dural membrane
  • releasing fascial transversal restrictions
  • using craniosacral rhythm as a diagnostic tool
  • therapeutic intention and approach in CST


  • repeating the techniques of Cranio 1
  • release of the occipital-cranial base and the structures of the cervical spine
  • craniosacral release with focus on the intracranial membranes ("cranial lifts")
  • work on the sacrum and releasing the iliosacral joint
  • for this course especially you will need anatomic knowledge of the cranium and the membrane structures


  • learn a complete treatment of the craniosacral system
  • development of a therapeutical concept, integration and application of all the studied techniques
  • getting to know and feel "energy cysts"


  • energetic aspects in craniosacral therapy: aligning "vectors" and releasing "energy cysts"
  • different ways to detect and release "energy cysts"
  • "significance" in craniosacral therapy
  • work with Chakras
  • for CRANIO 4 you will need to be able to feel the craniosacral rhythm on basically any part of the body


  • polyvagal theory and craniosacral therapy
  • somatoemotional release

die nächsten Termine mit freien Plätzen
Cranio 1: 21. und 22. Januar 2024

4th and 5th of November - booked out 13. und 14. April 2024

Cranio 3: 9. und 10. Dezember 2023

Cranio 4 und 5planned for 2024, dates will follow


150 euros per module (2 days), if you book CRANIO 1-3 the costs will be 400 euros in total

Looking forward to your email or a call (030 817 97 410) for further information!


Exercises to do at home

Self-help exercises can accompany craniosacral therapy and complement it very well by broadening the achieved mobility and keeping the newly gained free space open. In response to many requests from my patients, I have developed different two one-day workshops: In about 6 hours each, we approach the craniosacral system in theory and practice, ideally learn to feel the craniosacral rhythm and learn exercises to relax the entire craniosacral system. In the course of the day there will also be enough room for questions and individual suggestions. The course is aimed at people with no previous knowledge and is intended for self-treatment. In the second part, the exercises are deepened and supplemented by many other practical suggestions.

upcoming courses

Dienstag, 13. Juni: 18.00 – 20.00
Mittwoch, 21. Juni: 18.00 – 20.00 (bitte einen auswählen, sind Alternativtermine mit dem jeweils selben Kursinhalt)
Kursort: Lenaustraße 25, 12047 Berlin
Fees: 30.- pro Person
please sign in per Email.


release your vegetative nervous system - for kids and adults

These workshops are primarily addressing parents, who would like to learn relaxing exercises and techniques for the whole family. We will learn about the fascinating world of the craniosacral system as well as to apply some selected simple techniques from craniosacral therapy. After this workshop you should be able to calm and relax the vegetative nervous system of yourself and your loved ones in an effective and very enjoyable way.

Please contact me by Email or phone if interested. Workshops can be offered in German, English or Spanish.