CranioSacral Therapy

60  min: 80 €*

90 min: 100 €*
especially recommended for the first session or when you are interested in deeper somato-emotional release

It is important to me that craniosacral therapy be accessible, for this reason I haven´t raised my fees for many years. Due to the general increase in energy costs and rents I have to change that policy and adjust my fees. Please don´t hesitate to ask me about possible reductions if you are in a difficult financial situation.


short information: free of charge

First consultation (2-3 hours):
Adults: 150 – 170 €*
Children: 100 – 120 €*

Folgetermine: ca. 55 – 70 €, je nach Aufwand*
Telefonische Beratung: je nach Zeitaufwand 5 – 20 €

For all treatments: Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise I have to charge a cancellation fee of 20 Euro (Follow-ups or CranioSacral Therapy), respectively 40 Euro (first homeopathic consultation).

*Most private insurances or private additional insurances (“Zusatzversicherung”) cover the major part of the costs, if "Heilpraktiker-Behandlung“ is included. Please ask your insurance for details. You will receive a bill that you can hand in to your insurance for refundment.


Kathrin SondereggerHeilpraktikerin
CranioSacrale Therapie und Klassische Homöopathie

Lenaustraße 25
12047 Berlin – Neukölln
Tel. 030.817 97 410

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