Chakra Oil


Chakra Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy

According to the Vedic Tradition chakras are energetic centers connecting the physical body with the immaterial resp. energetic body. "Chakra" in sanskrit means "wheel", describing the movement of these energetic whirls. Seven main chakras along the vertebral column and numerous smaller chakras provide the body with universal energy that is all around us. If they function in a harmonious way we sense emotional and physical balance and feel healthy.

When treating people with CranioSacral Therapy I have come to focus more and more on the chakras. It can be very helpful for the therapeutic process to include a chakra rebalancing. Besides the very soft Cranio touch that can especially relax the tissue I also use the aromatherapeutic force of natural etheric plant essences.

Our sense of smelling is directly connected with the limbic system via the olfactorial nerve. The limbic system on the other hand influences our feelings and motivation. Thus, aromatherapy can support mental and physical health in a very subtle but focused way.

The chakra function can be supported and balanced by different essential oils. I produce and use individual compositions of hiqh quality organic oils.

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