Good to meet you here!

For many years my goal has been to create space. Space for body, soul and mind. Space for developement, space for movement, space for healing. If becoming, being and staying healthy for you also means taking responsibility for yourself and strengthening your own resources I will gladly support you in this process with everything I know and am. Health always starts from within yourself.

my path – from homeopathy…

Many years ago, I came in touch with the possibilites of homeopathy through the grave eczema my son suffered from. Since I had always been very interested in healing and especially holistic healing methods I decided after my academic studies and various professional experiences from museum to German teaching and documentary filming to take up courses to become a naturopathic health practitioner and homeopath. Since 2011 I have been working now in my own practice, starting first mainly with a focus on classical homeopathy. In the last few years CranioSacral Therapy has developped into another important focus of my professional life. In 2014 I also started to teach lessons at a school for health practioners and have been doing this ever since with great pleasure.

to the language of hands

During my therapeutic work I came in touch with more and more health issues that were desperate for touch! Now I am convinced that a truely holistic treatment just needs to include „hands on“. Our body, our tissue is capable of storing various experiences we make during a whole life-time, especially traumatic ones and focused touch can help reestablishing lost balance.

Wie oft im Leben waren es eigene beeindruckende Erfahrungen, die mich zur CranioSacralen Therapie gebracht haben. Dass so sanfte Berührungen eine so tiefe und nachhaltige Wirkung erzielen können, hätte ich davor nicht im Traum gedacht. Dass ich diese Art der Heilkunst lernen wollte, war für mich nach der ersten Behandlung klar.

Now, after my studies and countless hours of applying CranioSacral Therapy, its functioning isn’t so mysterious anymore, but just as fascinating. My hands feel much bigger and very much alive, as if they had learnt another language. A very special language spoken between my hands and the body they are treating…

I like to combine both therapeutic approaches (Homeopathy and CranioSacral Therapy) if wished by the clients.

Important to me is staying open towards different approaches that can be mutually supportive. Individual medicine is essentially non-dogmatic medicine. Every person is wonderfully unique in body and soul. It is all about strenghtening individual resources for healing and health, as Upledger the founder of CranioSacral therapy put it: "I don`t know anything, your inner wisdom knows everything"

Professional Qualifications

CranioSacral Therapy at Upledger Institute Germany

SHZ*-certified 3-years in Classical Homeopathy at Scola Asclepia

Health practitioner (3 years) at arche medica / ABfH (Akademie zur Berufsausbildung für Heilpraktiker) in Berlin-Friedenau

Ear acupuncture according to Nogier

Various nathuropatic methods (Micro-Reflex-zone-Therapy, cupping, etc. )

regular professional advanced training in all areas

January 2013: homeopathic practical training with Dr. F. Master in Mumbai

September 2013: clinical training in a hospital for treating throat and ear disease in Lusaka, Zambia

2015: Fortbildung Dorn-Therapie und Breuss-Massage
Lomi Lomi Ausbildung

2016: Training myofascial trigger points

since 2018: Training in visceral osteopathy with the Upledger Institute Germany

Kathrin Sonderegger
CranioSacrale Therapie und Klassische Homöopathie

Lenaustraße 25
12047 Berlin – Neukölln
Tel. 030.817 97 410

U 8 Schönleinstraße
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