Homeopathic Consultation

I treat according to the principles of “classical homoeopathy“. This means I only use one remedy at a time selected individually for every client. Homoeopathy is not only suitable for the treatment of acute diseases but especially helpful in chronic or recurring health problems. It can help strengthen your “constitution” thus boosting the body’s natural healing powers. During the first consultation I take down in detail your present and past complaints, diseases you suffered from, etc. I need to know as much as possible about your general physical, emotional and mental state. The consultation will take about 2-3 hours so please bring ample time. After a thorough evaluation I will prescribe the single remedy. In order to be really “homoeopathic” it has to suit you and your state exactly. Thus, 10 patients suffering from cough might receive 10 different remedies! There is no such thing as a “cough remedy” in homoeopathy.


About 6 weeks after taking the remedy for the first time I will meet you in a follow up consultation to evaluate the process and to assess the action of the remedy. Please note that follow up consultations are an essential part of a successful treatment because it may be necessary to adjust the dosage or change the remedy. After the first follow up it makes sense to meet for follow up sessions about every 2 to 3 months or according to the progress. The aim of a homoeopathic treatment is to restore your body’s own healing powers so it can deal with external influences without medication.