How does it work?

Homoeopathy is the art of stimulating your self healing capacity in such a way that an effective healing process from within can take place.

In homoeopathy, there is a completely different approach to health and disease than you might know from conventional medicine. Homoeopathy is not about treating symptoms on the surface: While simply taking a painkiller for every attack of migraine headaches will get rid of the symptoms for the moment it is not addressing the imbalances and dysfunctions in your whole organism which have caused the migraine in the first place.

A homoeopathic treatment doesn’t just fight the disease but is able to give a very subtle stimulus to support the organism in its inherent self regulating powers. These impulses have to be set individually in order to be effective. This means, in homoeopathy you never just treat a disease (for example a bronchitis) or isolated symptoms but you take the whole person in account with all his or her individual complaints (on a physical as well as mental and emotional plane).

During a homoeopathic consultation the practitioner will try to find the very individual pattern in which everybody reacts to external influences (climate, bacteria and viruses, emotional or physical trauma, stress or injury, etc.) in order to come up with the fitting remedy. This is the reason why you will be asked such seemingly strange things as your individual reaction to cold, heat, wind, your appetite or strong cravings, etc. All these pieces of information will help in putting together the complete picture of the imbalances and thereby pointing to the suitable homoeopathic remedy. According to homoeopathic principles only the remedy which is the most similar to the (momentary or chronic) state of your organism (the “Simillimum”) can stimulate a substantial healing process.

Find out more about the possibilities of a homoeopathic treatment in your special case by booking an individual info session.

Homoeopathic remedies
are made of natural substances from plants, minerals or also animals (like f.e. “Apis” / honeybee). The raw materials are diluted and dynamised – this means we are able to take advantage of the healing powers without toxic side effects. The remedies are non toxic and act very gently – therefore homeopathic remedies are well suited also for infants, small children or during pregnancy.